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Making sense of your energy choices is like trying to find your way through a treacherous maze in the dark. It is a rigged game full of pitfalls and traps.
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Unraveling The Problem

Nobody is able to survive this maze on their own because of how complicated it is. Energy choices are not simple and require more than a household calculator to understand.
Leveraging Your Smart Meter & Devices

Finally take advantage of your smart meter! We enable “smart” devices to truly live up to their name by turning them into more than just trendy gadgets. By combining smart devices and appliances with meter, billing, and other data sources, they become tools for helping you save money.
We Analyze Everything
Literally. We’re talking about weather, meter, thermostat, smart devices and appliances, deregulated energy plans, energy markets, forecasts and history, anything and everything, to spot the right opportunities and steer clear of pitfalls or traps.
No Surprises...

We peel back the layers of fluff and perform real apples-to-apples comparisons so there are no surprises and the end results are savings! Understand the cost of your energy usage as it happens, like a price tag at the store. Be notified of problems in advance.
Simplify Your Life

Life is precious, manage all your energy with just one personally customized tool. EnergyBill brings energy savings and utility rate savings into one easy, flexible and custom experience. Consolidate your energy bills, budget and home automation devices in one place!
Take Charge

Knowledge is power. We empower people by providing them with knowledge and tools derived from data. EnergyBill is more than just a piece of software, it’s a digital army at your command.
Complicated Math
Utility rates do not come in the form of one simple price tag that’s easy to understand. The price you pay is not determined until the end of the month and will vary depending on your energy usage patterns, how much energy you use and when you use it. This is affected by many influences, like human behavior and the weather. Very complex mathematical models are required to analyze your energy usage.
Big Data
Understanding energy requires independent data sources from many different providers to be combined together. Even for an expert, there is simply too much data for a human to analyze. Put in perspective, a years worth of data for a single home can have billions of records.
Unique Solution
The cost of your utility bill depends on a variety of influences, such as the size of your home, how well insulated it is, how many people live there, energy rates in your region, and how careful everyone in the household is with energy usage. Homes are as unique as the people that live in them, in other words, no two are the same. Accordingly, every home has a unique maze and requires a custom path to energy savings.
Your "Smart" Data

An ever-increasing amount of data from many independent sources is available to consumers: smart meters, weather stations, utilities and billing, smart IoT devices / appliances such as HVAC thermostats and water heaters, etc. The problem is that by themselves these data sets are of limited value. However, when combined together they become very powerful. EnergyBill unleashes the power of your smart meter data. We take boring numbers and give them life with color and illustrations. Your electric usage suddenly becomes meaningful and powerful. Receive projected energy bills so there are no more end of the month surprises.
Dawn of a New Age
EnergyBill isn't just a piece of software, it's a kind of artificial intelligence. Proprietary learning algorithms are used to perform analytics on your data and generate customized mathematical models of your home and appliances. We are constantly monitoring your data, the energy markets, your utility company, changes in the weather and so on. All of this allows us to forecast your energy usage long before it happens, and determine the impact of decisions in advance, such as switching to a new utility company or changing your thermostat temperature.
Molehill out of a Mountain
Everybody wants to save, but they don't know how. The key to savings requires a strategy. We will empower you with actionable intelligence. Join with EnergyBill and beef up your game plan. See your energy usage, never miss a bill, effortless de-regulated switching, one account for all your energy and automation needs, maximize energy efficiency and savings!
The Devil is in the details...
You probably groan slightly every month when your utility bill arrives, and you may wonder how you can account for utilities in your monthly budget when it's so unpredictable. Not anymore. Utility rates can be intimidating, confusing and riddled with small text. The saying goes, the devil is in the details and so are the surprises. EnergyBill combs through your available energy saving opportunities to maximize your monthly savings.
What's behind door number...?
Don't wait until the end of the month to find out what you're going to spend. Behind the scenes, our algorithms perform their magic as the energy matchmaker navigating your unique energy needs through a maze of options to find the perfect strategy to maximize your savings. Managing your energy is complicated, we’re here to help. You set the budget, and we empower you with the options. Find out what is behind any energy choice in advance before opening that door.
We manage everything automatically
EnergyBill makes managing your home energy usage a cinch. You will never be required to visit a confusing utility website again. In deregulated areas we automatically switch you with the cheapest provider. We consolidate your bills and deal with the utility company so you don't have to. All your different energy sources, electricity, gas, and water, are combined into a single context. You can manage all of your home automation devices in one place and leverage them to save energy!
True Automation
Smart appliances such as your thermostat and water heater can be automatically controlled by EnergyBill to meet a specific budget. Not just based on a schedule, but based on the energy impact, taking into account your budget and other variables like the weather and usage patterns.
For example, we can control the temperature for you automatically to stay within budget, and provide an indoor forecast comparable with an outdoor weather forecast. As the boss, you can set rules to prevent someone in the house from changing the temperature or limit the range. We can override preset schedules on the device to make sure it's operating the way you want it to, such as preventing the temperature from randomly changing because of that time your in-laws visited. Stop dealing with the fear of the unknown utility bill each month and let’s exercise your energy savings opportunities. Stop being confused or unsure. Stop switching between apps to manage your smart home. Be the master of your energy usage so you can get more out of life. It’s a simple process and is simple to use. Leverage your smart home for smart savings.
Be protected with EnergyBill
EnergyBill gives you the tools to track, trend, analyze and CONTROL all of your energy usage, for electric, natural gas, water, and propane.
  • No more shopping for energy providers in deregulated areas
  • Receive and pay all your energy bills through us - in one location
  • Consolidate multiple homes, businesses or apartments into one EnergyBill account, share access between users or roommates
  • Project energy bills so there are no more end of the month surprises!
  • See how much specific things like your water heater cost to operate
  • Obtain cost reporting like a pricetag on your smart devices and appliances
  • Actionable energy information in understandable terms - dollars!
  • Control your smart home from one app!
  • Manage smart devices like your thermostat to meet a energy budget
  • Obtain regular energy audits on your house automatically
  • Receive notification when problems are detected, such as a faulty air conditioner or even leaky windows, that require service
  • Integrate and manage power generation sources such as solar.