On average, customers can save 25% annually on their electric bills! Find out how much you can save in your area.

Find out how much you can save!
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Regulated areas benefit primarily from Energy Savings. We can't change your utility company, but we can help you use less energy. In some cases there are also rate savings opporunities with time of use rates in regulated areas, but these will be factored on a case by case basis after signing up.
Good news, deregulated areas offer the most opportunity, benefiting from both Rate Savings and Energy Savings.
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/mo can provide savings to everyone - no matter how much energy you use.

There are two ways to save money on your bill: Rate Savings and Energy Savings. You can pay less for the energy you use, and you can use less of it. Our estimates here are only averages for a broad region. Enter the average kWh usage from your monthly utility bill to get a more accurate estimate.

To keep keep the lights on, sustain research, development and servers to crank out all of the complicated math we assess a service fee of $0.004 per kWh. For example, 7¢ per kWh with the fee it would become 7.4¢ per kWh.

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In deregulated areas especially, most people do not realize how much money they are losing. To put this in context, it is completely common for a user to be paying TWO or THREE times as much on their rate because of poor contract choices. When you add that up it turns into big money fast. We looked at the bill history for one family, a residential user with a 3600 sq ft home, and found that they could have saved about $30,000 over a ten year period. And not from using less energy, but simply from choosing different energy contracts! That could have been additional equity in their home, instead it was pure profit for the energy service company.

We acknowledge how fantastic our claims seem, especially when considered in the context of the savings for an entire year. If you haven't already, take a stroll through our Energy Maze for a more in depth explanation of how we're able to achieve this.

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