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How it works

Deregulation and personal energy management is a maze, one that's designed to keep you in the dark. People want to save money but they don't know how and providers are banking on this. We turn the tables on the energy markets by leveraging data and technology to work for you instead of against you. Acting as your agent, EnergyBill represents you, constantly monitors your energy usage, automatically choosing the cheapest energy plan on your behalf, continuously managing your contract renewal, and much much more.

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The EnergyBill Guarantee
EnergyBill GUARANTEES to save you money on your monthly energy bill, period. If our service doesn't pay for itself, your money back. No gimmicks. We make money by making you money.
Lets Get Started
Sign up now, and we'll automatically match you with the cheapest utility company.
We do this based on three things:
Your individual usage patterns and billing history
Our Analysis of current market options available to you
Our predictive analysis of what the market will look like in the future (energy markets, supply/demand, weather, etc).


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