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EnergyBill offers commercial engineering services for hire and frequently subcontracts with large firms in the energy industry. Firefly is one of our proprietary solutions for commercial clients. It is a patent-pending software platform for integrated engineering and management to support infrastructure projects, like electrical power, optimizing complex work processes for designing and maintaining critical infrastructure. It provides a technology framework that can be customized to the needs of specific entities, such as governments or utility companies, and related projects.

The development of Firefly began in 2010 as part of engineering field operations in support of the US military in Afghanistan. Due to the physical dangers inherent in a warzone, the software was created to minimize time on the ground and optimize field work for maximum efficiency. With time, the software grew to bring these same optimizations to work done back in the office.

The basic idea behind the technology is to optimize infrastructure projects by creating more intuitive software through virtualization. Additionally, Firefly acts as a data synchronization and integration tool. Despite the broad availability of computer technology, in 2010 and still today, most infrastructure projects heavily rely on manual “pen and paper” style and a variety of unconnected software programs. Firefly is the hub connecting these applications, increasing the efficiency of digitization and communication.

Firefly logo

One of the focal points of the application is a 3D virtual world that allows physical infrastructure assets to be modeled in the context of their real-world geodetic environment, respecting their geospatial relationships. Put plainly, a video-game-like visual interface allows users to see and interact with electrical power infrastructure, such as transmission towers and distribution poles, in a 3D virtual reality.

Modeled Transmission Towers

A user can walk through a power plant in 3D and interact with an object, for example by clicking on a pump motor, and access its asset tracking information and data sheets or create maintenance records for it, among other applications.

Modeled Switchyard

Modeled Switchyard

Circuit diagrams can be drawn on the ground, directly on top of satellite imagery, and even automated, among other features. This facilitates a more intuitive experience for users, especially those who are less computer savvy and struggle with conventional tools. Engineers and electricians can design in a highly visual way that more closely matches their experience in the physical world, as opposed to using difficult interfaces like a spreadsheet or Autocad.

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